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Forced Order
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Literal TranslationAnswerMeaning
That Which StandsThe current state of affairs or conditions in a society
Year of WondersOriginally refers to the year 1666, but today is used to refer to years which events of major importance occurred
Solid groundPhrase used to describe a land mass or area of stable fortitude
Let the buyer bewareA caution to a buyer or consumer
Without which... NothingLegal term for an integral fact or piece of evidence without which there would be no result
Manner of OperatingThe way in which something works or the reason for someone's actions
Incident of WarA nation's offenses or threats directly against it
Great WorkThe best or most famous work of an artist or author
This for thatGiving up one thing in favor of another
From the FormerPrior knowledge regarding an event's occurence
He Has PledgedA legally binding written statement of an individual
Around; AboutUsed to denote a year or time around which an event likely occurred
From the ChairA theological term which signifies authoritative teaching of a Pope as infallible
In wine is truthLatinized version of Greek phrase from poem by Alcaeus
Always FaithfulMotto of the United States Marine Core
By the HeadTo count each thing or person individually; Used in Statistics and Economics
Matter of FactPresented or existing as a matter of fact rather than circumstance
Literal TranslationAnswerMeaning
After DeathOccurring after one has ceased living
Nourishing MotherWhere someone graduated from High School or College
Before the WarThe era in the Southern United States preceding the Civil War or preceding any war
Scraped TabletBeginning anew from a clean slate
Stiffness of DeathA stiffening of the body after death
With Other Things the Same A prediction or logical statement connecting multiple sets of affairs
To ThisAn improvisation or a sudden impromptu creation
I Came, I Saw, I ConqureredCaesar's Message to the Senate
Place HolderA person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another
For the TimeAn individual temporarily serving in place of another
Lands UnknownPhrase used to describe locations that have not been reached or explored
For the GoodA lawyer or legal official that will represent a justifiable case
Other IAn opposite of oneself; A foil; A different aspect of the same person
Love conquers allPhrase from Eclogue X by Virgil
Let the seller bewareCaution to a seller which may be held responsible for their product or the actions of the buyer
Time FleesTime seems to get away from us or passes faster than one would expect

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