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In her tale, a young knight of King Arthur’s court rapes a maiden; to atone for his crime, Arthur’s queen sends him on a quest to discover what women want mostWife of Bath's Tale
Tells the story of an impoverished student named Nicholas, who persuades his landlord’s young wife, Alisoun, to spend the night with himMiller's Tale
Theseus, duke of Athens, imprisons Arcite and Palamon, two knights from Thebes. From their prison, the knights see and fall in love with Theseus’s sister-in-law, EmelyeKnight's Tale
This tale describes three riotous youths who go looking for Death, thinking that they can kill himPardoner's Tale
A friar begs for money from a dying man named Thomas and his wife, who have recently lost their child. The friar exploits the couple’s misfortunes to take their moneySummoner's Tale
Tells of an archdeacon who carries out the law without mercy, especially to lechers. The archdeacon has a summoner who has a network of spies working for him Friar's Tale
Sir Thopas rides about looking for an elf-queen to marry until he is confronted by a giantTale of Sir Thopas or Chaucer's Tale
Chanticleer the Rooster is carried off by a fox who tricks him into closing his eyes and crowing so he can eat him. Chanticleer tricks the fox by him to open his open his mouthNun's Priest's Tale
Tells the story of two students, John and Alayn, who go to the mill to watch the miller grind their corn, so that he won’t have a chance to steal anyReeve's Tale
Not a tale/outspoken host of Tabard Inn who accompanies pilgrims to Canterbury/suggests the storytelling competitionHarry Bailey
The tale concerns an apprentice named Perkyn who drinks and dances so much that he is called “Perkyn Reveler.” Cook's Tale
Dorigen worries that the ship bringing her husband home will wreck itself on the coastal rocks, and she promises Aurelius, that she will give him her body if he moves the rocksFranklin's Tale
A lengthy treatise on the Seven Deadly SinsParson's Tale
Description Tale % Correct
A boy sings a christian song on his way through the ghetto, where Jews hire a murderer to slit his throat and throw him into a latrine. The murderer is caughtPrioress's Tale
Against the advice of his friends, an old knight named January marries May, a beautiful young woman. She is dissatisfied with him, and conspires to cheat on himMerchant's Tale
Appius the judge lusts after Virginia, the beautiful daughter of Virginius. Appius persuades a churl named Claudius to declare her his slave, stolen from him by VirginiusPhysician's Tale
Griselde is a hardworking peasant who marries into the aristocracy. Her husband tests her fortitude in several ways, including pretending to kill her children and divorcing herClerk's Tale
King Cambyuskan of the Mongol Empire is visited on his birthday by a knight bearing gifts from the king of Arabia and India. Cambyuskan and his daughter Canacee receive three giftsSquire's Tale
A series of tragic falls, in which noble figures are brought low: Lucifer, Adam, Sampson, Hercules, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Zenobia, Pedro of Castile, and down through the agesMonk's Tale
The legend of a white crow, taken from the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In it, Phoebus’s talking white crow informs him that his wife is cheating on himManciple's Tale
In the tale, the Muslim sultan of Syria converts his entire sultanate to Christianity in order to persuade the emperor of Rome to give him his daughter, Custance, in marriage Man of Law's Tale
A tale of how a canon defrauded a priest by creating the illusion of alchemy using sleight of handYeoman's Tale
The titular characters house is raided by his foes, who beat his wife, Prudence, and severely wound his daughter, Sophie, in her feet, hands, ears, nose, and mouthTale of Melibee
Story of Saint Cecilia. Before Cecilia’s new husband, Valerian, can take her virginity, she sends him on a pilgrimage to Pope Urban, who converts him to ChristianitySecond Nun's Tale
Features a monk who tricks a merchant’s wife into having sex with him by borrowing money from the merchant, then giving it to the wife so she can repay her debt to her husbandShipman's Tale

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