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Can you name the 23 lawgivers recognized in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives?

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Nationality/TitleLawgiverClaim to Fame
King of Castile and LeónAuthor of 'The Royal Code' and traditional originator of Spanish jurisprudence
English JuristAuthor of 'Commentaries on the Laws of England'
French Finance MinisterReformer of the French legal system; codified commercial, maritime, and colonial ordinances
English StatesmanAssembled the first directly-elected parliament in medieval Europe
King of EnglandFounded the parliamentary constitution of England
Roman JuristAuthor of 'The Institutes,' the foundation of Roman civil law
Medieval PopeAuthor of a compilation of decretals on Canon Law
Dutch JuristAuthor of the first treatise on international law
King of BabyloniaAuthor of the earliest surviving legal code (circa 1700 B.C.)
Medieval PopePreserved the remnants of Roman law during the Dark Ages
American PresidentFounding Father and author of the Declaration of Independence
Byzantine EmperorSupplemented Roman legal code with collection of rulings and precedents
Nationality/TitleLawgiverClaim to Fame
King of FranceAuthor of the Mise of Amiens, settling dispute between Henry III and English barons
Greek LegislatorAuthor of the laws of Sparta
Spanish Jewish PhilosopherCompiled exposition of Jewish law contained in the Torah
American StatesmanFounding Father and author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights
Hebrew ProphetReceived the Ten Commandments
French EmperorAppointed a commission to draft the 'Code Civil'
Roman JuristAuthor of 56 books on legal questions and decisions
French JuristAuthor of several influential treatises on French law
Athenian StatesmanAuthor of legal reforms that led to Athenian democracy
Sultan of TurkeyReformed and improved Ottoman civil and military codes
Byzantine JuristRevised the legal code of the Roman Empire

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