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Can you name all of the Named Characters that have died in HBO's 'Game of Thrones?' (Direwolves, other worldly beings and flashbacks are included)

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Episode Died InCharacterMethod Of Death
S1 E1 - 'Winter Is Coming'
S1 E2 - 'The Kingsroad'
S1 E4 - 'Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things'
S1 E5 - 'The Wolf and the Lion'
S1 E6 - 'A Golden Crown'
S1 E7 - 'You Win Or You Die'
S1 E8 - 'The Pointy End'
S1 E9 - 'Baelor'
S1 E10 - 'Fire and Blood'
S2 E1 - 'The North Remembers'
S2 E2 - 'The Night Lands'
S2 E3 - 'What Is Dead May Never Die'
S2 E4 - 'Garden of Bones
S2 E5 - 'The Ghost of Harrenhal'
S2 E6 - 'The Old Gods and the New'
S2 E7 - 'A Man Without Honor'
S2 E9 - 'Blackwater'
S2 E10 - 'Valar Morghulis'
S3 E2 - 'Dark Wings, Dark Words''
S3 E4 - 'And Now His Watch Is Ended'
S3 E5 - 'Kissed By Fire'
S3 E6 - 'The Climb'
Episode Died InCharacterMethod Of Death
S3 E8 - 'Second Sons'
S3 E9 - 'The Rains of Castamere'
S4 E1 - 'Two Swords'
S4 E2 - 'The Lion and the Rose'
S4 E3 - 'Breaker of Chains'
S4 E5 - 'First of His Name'
S4 E7 - 'Mockingbird'
S4 E8 - 'The Mountain and the Viper'
S4 E9 - 'The Watchers on the Wall'
S4 E10 - 'The Children'
S5 E1 - 'The Wars to Come'
S5 E2 - 'The House of Black and White'
S5 E3 - 'High Sparrow'
S5 E4 - 'Sons of the Harpy'
S5 E7 - 'The Gift'
S5 E8 - 'Hardhome'
S5 E9 - 'The Dance of Dragons'
S5 E10 - 'Mother's Mercy'
S6 E1 - 'The Red Woman'
S6 E2 - 'Home'
Episode Died InCharacterMethod Of Death
S6 E3 - 'Oathbreaker'
S6 E4 - 'Book of the Stranger'
S6 E5 - 'The Door'
S6 E6 - 'Blood of My Blood'
S6 E7 - 'The Broken Man'
S6 E8 - 'No One'
S6 E9 - 'Battle of the Bastards'
S6 E10 - 'The Winds of Winter'
S7 E2 - 'Stormborn'
S7E3 - 'The Queen's Justice'
S7E5 - 'Eastwatch'
S7E6 - 'Beyond the Wall'
S7E7 - 'The Dragon and the Wolf'

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