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Can you guess the top scorers from the last 5 years?

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Cavaliers, F*9662
Thunder, F*9570
Knicks, F*8213
Thunder, G*8142
Rockets, G*8133
Clippers, F*8052
Trailblazers, F*7784
Mavericks, G*7760
Warriors, G*7315
Mavericks, F*7008
Raptors, G*6944
Heat, G*6845
Jazz, C*6765
Lakers, G*6692
Kings, C*6618
Grizzlies, F*6556
Timberwolves, F/C*6476
Clippers, G*6392
Magic, C*6136
Hawks, F*6131
Wizards, G*6083
Jazz, F*6057
Nets, G/F*6010
Celtics, F*6000
Spurs, G*5914
Heat, C*5904
Lakers, F/C*5830
Nets, G*5738
Timberwolves, G*5712
Bucks, G*5549
Trailblazers, G*5525
Bulls, F*5513
Grizzlies, F*5512
76ers, F*5468
Clippers, G*5461
Warriors, F*5454
Grizzlies, G*5426
Pistons, C*5411
Kings, G/F*5391
Nuggets, G*5381
Cavaliers, G*5375
Warriors, G*5341
Spurs, F*5333
Grizzlies, C*5302
Pacers, F*5301
Suns, G*5249
Nuggets, G*5232
Bulls, F*5183
Raptors, G*5133
Trailblazers, G*4977
Jazz, F*4898
Hawks, G*4824
Rockets, F*4814
Nets, C*4794
Knicks, G*4769
Pistons, G*4678
Knicks, F*4659
Hornets, G*4618
Thunder, F*4610
Trailblazers, F*4589
Hornets, G*4588
Celtics, F*4584
Wizards, C*4583
76ers, G*4486
Pacers, C*4469
Pacers, G/F*4441
Kings, G*4415
76ers, G*4401
Lakers, G/F*4329
Grizzlies, G*4305
Hawks, C*4297
Pacers, G*4268
Clippers, G*4253
Pelicans, F*4239
Spurs, G*4214
Pistons, G*4207
76ers, G/F*4179
Nets, G*4175
Hornets, G*4095
Mavericks, G/F*4076
Celtics, F*4070
Rockets, F*4039
Jazz, F*3987
Timberwolves, F*3982
Wizards, F*3955
Pelicans, G*3951
76ers, G/F*3946
Bulls, G*3941
Nuggets, F/C*3941
Pelicans, F*3917
Pacers, G*3914
Kings, G*3884
Wizards, F/C*3883
Magic, G*3838
Lakers, G*3820
Spurs, G*3797
Hawks, G*3781
Cavaliers, G*3774
Hornets, G*3773
Mavericks, G*3742
Nuggets, G*3713
Jazz, G/F*3682
Celtics, F*3682
Bulls, F*3668
Nuggets, F*3666
Pistons, F*3636
Bucks, F*3602
Clippers, C*3578
Mavericks, F*3548
Celtics, G3540
Knicks, G*3534
Magic, C*3530
Suns, F*3510
Bulls, C*3489
Grizzlies, G*3482
Nuggets, F*3481
Suns, G*3458
Raptors, G*3454
Raptors, F/C*3448
Raptors, F*3446
Nuggets, F*3436
Rockets, G*3405
Knicks, C*3387
Raptors, G*3357
Timberwolves, C*3351
Mavericks, G*3351
Heat, F*3349
Pacers, F*3334
76ers, C*3322
Mavericks, G*3306
Bulls, F*3279
Heat, G*3269
Warriors, F*3264
Kings, F*3214
Trailblazers, C*3183
Spurs, F*3149
Wizards, G3132
Suns, F*3109
Cavaliers, F*3105
Nets, G*3101
Spurs, F*3097
Nuggets, G*3092
Nets, F*3059
Clippers, F*3058
Mavericks, F*3049
Spurs, G*3046
Suns, G/F*3000
Bulls, G*2993
Wizards, G*2991
Lakers, F*2969
Hawks, F*2964
Wizards, F2961
Grizzlies, G*2961
Jazz, C*2960
Celtics, G*2959
Grizzlies, G*2950
Cavaliers, G*2947
Magic, F*2928
Cavaliers, F2924
Timberwolves, G*2912
76ers, F*2909
Spurs, F*2908
Magic, F*2868
Kings, F*2867
Pistons, G*2857
Celtics, G*2831
Warriors, F/C*2827
Nets, F*2777
Grizzlies, G*2777
Raptors, F*2758
Timberwolves, F*2757
Clippers, C*2748
Nuggets, G2740
Pistons, C*2701
Thunder, G*2678
Suns, G2616
Rockets, G*2609
Spurs, C*2576
Bulls, G*2555
Grizzlies, F*2552
Pacers, F*2531
Wizards, F*2511
Kings, G/F2487
Raptors, C*2433
Pacers, G*2411
Bulls, G*2406
Magic, G*2398
76ers, G*2397
Pelicans, F*2395
Timberwolves, F*2360
Nuggets, C*2347
Jazz, G*2339
Cavaliers, G/F*2337
Lakers, F/C*2331
Kings, F*2325
Warriors, F*2313
Warriors, G*2309
Nets, G*2304
Suns, F*2277
Timberwolves, F*2270

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