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Can you name the literary titles based on haikus?

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Confused angsty boy/ Wanders around in New York/ Noted for his hat
An ambitious king/ Haunted by his guilt and ghosts/ Wife can't wash her hands
Daughters need husbands/ Girl elopes with unfit man/ Turn around the room?
Creates life in lab/ Regrets the choices he made/ Monster seeks revenge
Entrenched caste system/ Loveless sex is all around/ Everyone on drugs
Rich in Long Island/ A mistress is run over/ Green light on the dock
Barnyard workers rise/ Leaders slowly hog power/ A utopia?
Two brothers fighting/ Sneaky sister buries one/ She hangs self with scarf
She has three husbands/ Orgasm under pear tree/ Rabies from mad dog!
A cryptologist/ An assassin on his heels/ Search for Holy Grail
Boy floats on a raft/ Lessons about prejudice/ Duke and King are cons
Man talks to a skull/ Unveils murder through a play/ Everyone is dead
Girl cries rape in cave/ Race relations uncovered/ Can they still be friends?
Naive youths leave home/ Generation off to war/ Boy dies in the end
Dancing in the woods/ Allegory for the time/ Man crushed under rocks
Girl sees a pot break/ Sisters lover goes to jail/ Never reunite
Girl locked in red room/ Crazy woman in attic/ Blind but not to love
Public scorn for her/ Secret agony for him/ Whose guilt is greater?
Two men by a tree/ Encounter a man on leash/ Last: They do not move
Man struggles at sea/ Back from war but not home yet/ Suitors after queen

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