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Jew wanders Dublin/ Stream of consciousness abounds/Retelling Homer
Young woman, depressed/ Shock therapy does not work/Future is unclear
A pair of lovers/ Bastard Prince creates havoc/ The masquerade ends
Folks going to church/ Use of the vernacular/ Crass wife tells story
Lost love in Carthage/ Chased by an angry goddess/ Honors Augustus
Boy loses friendship/ Things change in a dark alley/ Afghan social strife
Girl tutored in math/ Intersecting epochs/ Shares final dance--flames
Boy dreams of future/ Forbidden love with cousin/ 'We are too many'
Freed slaves with new life/ Chained by guilt, rememories/ Who is she, really?
Woman spurned by man/ A deus ex machina/ The children are dead
English castaway/ Innovatively survives/ Servant named Friday
Moves to Chicago/ Caught between two suitors/ Money is not all
A girl's perspective/ Woman leaves fortune for love/ Ashes scattered 'round
Crashes on island/ Mistaken identity/ Butler wears yellow
Dog kidnapped from home/ Learns to surivive in the cold/ Decides to answer--
Crazy man murders/ Consumed by paranoia/ Thumping from below
Friend's notes on poem/ Only sees life in Zembla/ What is the real truth?
Expats in Paris/ All share love for the flapper/ Bull fights and much vine
Woman buys flowers/ The veteran takes a leap /Takes place in a day
Oxford changes boy/ With stubborn English Catholics/ Returns in the war

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