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Does this mean you can finally take me to a night with Kathy Griffin?
Oh I need to take the trash out.
What wouldn't I pay? This house is worth something!
I'm gonna go bang your receptionist
You had your shot and you BLEW IT
If you thought I was coming onto you, it's probably because I was.
No 45 minutes sounds good
R-O-C-K in the USA
Just out of curiosity, what's he do for a living?
Push the defrost button on the microwave boys, the deep freeze is over.
Last night I fake-chowed a DJ's mom
Well that might be the case... If her lips weren't quivering, and her nails weren't chewed down to the stub, and that bag... that's a little big to bring into a club... unless you
How late's this bitch stayin' open?
I got one too!
I was balls deep in one of bridesmaids
I was the one who needed the hall pass.
I know a place that's got ass on tap!... Chiles!

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