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Category-HintPersonMovie he/she lost to/Actual winner
1942 Best Actor-I only ran the hotest nightspot in town.
1960 Best Director-A masterpiece about a man who loves his mother a little too much.
1961 Best Actor-Me and Minnesota face off twice.
1962 Best Supporting Actress-A politician's wife who masterminds an assassination attempt.
1964 Best Actor-I played 3 parts including the title role.
1968 Best Director-Its not sci-fi till the bone is in the air .
1977-Best Supp. Actor-When he is struck down, he becomes more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
1980 Best Director-sports and white...anger issues.
Category-HintPersonMovie he/she lost to/Actual winner
1981 Best Director-Archeology equals fun.
1984 Best Supp. Actress-The good girl who comes back into the life of Roy Hobbs.
1985 Best Director-A japanese ode to King Lear.
1990-Best Supp. Actress-I was a nice neighborhood jewish girl who wound up in the witness protection program.
1994-Best Supp. Actor-'I hear they got some tasty burgers.'
1996 Best Supporting Actor-I dont think I hired the right guys to kidnap my wife.
2000 Best Actress-Brooklyn pills...down ending.

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