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To not look like a fool
What is the world's most populated country? 
Who is the Messiah of Christianity? 
Which artist is behind 'Thriller', the most sold album in history? 
What is the world's highest mountain? 
Which company invented the iPhone? 
Who was the Führer (leader) of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945? 
Who painted Mona Lisa? 
In which country is The Great Pyramid of Giza located? 
Which American sitcom revolves around the lives of Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel? 
Who wrote Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet? 
In what year did the the Two WTC towers collapse following aerial terrorist attacks? 
Who came up with the Theory of Relativity? 
Of which Empire were emperors such as Julius Caesar or Caligula the rulers? 
Which gaming character is a red italian mustached plumber? 
Which famous British spy is also known as 007? 
To impress the person you like
What is the French equivalent of 'I love you'? 
What is the nickname of the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, home of many high-tech and startup companies? 
In which country is found the platypus, one of the two still living egg-laying mammals? 
What is the world's largest river by discharge of water, averaging a discharge of about 209,000 cubic meters per second? 
Who is the Father of Gods and men in the Greek Mythology? 
Which name is given to the infamous serial killer who murdered (at least) 5 women in London in the late 19th Century? 
Which country holds the most FIFA World Cup titles with 5 wins? 
In the medical field, what is called the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases related to blood? 
With around 43,000 restaurants in 108 countries, what is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator globally? 
Which Reality TV show based its name on a character from George Orwell's novel '1984'? 
Which city has overtaken Las Vegas as generating the most gambling revenues ($45 billion in 2013)? 
Adjusted for inflation, which business magnate is said to have had a net worth ten times that of Bill Gates? 
What sports event was Lance Armstrong proved guilty of doping and got his record 7 titles taken back from him? 
Which person took over himself as the director responsible for the world's highest-grossing film ever? 
In which region of the world are located the only countries which start with the letters 'O' and 'Q'? 
To be called [Your name]pedia
What is the only fantasy movie to date to have won Best Picture? 
Who came up with the Three Laws of Robotics? 
Which political dynasty/royal house began to gather prominence in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th century? 
In what year did Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, emigrate from Mecca to Medina which eventually marked the start of the Islamic calendar (aka the Hijra)? 
Which painting from Pablo Picasso depicts the 1937 bombing of a Basque Country village? 
Which island did French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, come from? 
In what year did Blizzard launch its MMORPG, World of Warcraft, which eventually became the most successful of its kind? 
Who is the only person to date to have served as both Vice President and President of the United States without being elected by the Electoral College? 
Which musician has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times , twice as part of a band and once for his solo career? 
Which author made his characters travel around the world on a £20,000 wager in his 1873 book?  
Which actor incarnated on screen the two iconic fictional characters Magneto and Gandalf? 
Along with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, which other astronaut was part of the Apollo 11 mission but never stepped onto the moon? 
In what year was held the first edition of the modern Summer Olympics? 
After Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian, what is the 5th most spoken language that evolved from spoken Latin? 
What geological period was it when the meteorite widely accepted as being responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs hit planet Earth? 

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