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Chuck Norris FactReferenced Movie
Chuck Norris can reach infinity and beyond!
Chuck Norris did feel lucky.
Chuck Norris can survive being stabbed, being shot twice and falling off a balcony and one wouldn't expect less from him.
When Chuck Norris shoots with a gun, the bullet doesn't necessarily have a straight trajectory.
Chuck Norris could speak like that 'Mee saa so frickiin' unbearable' without sounding annoying.
Chuck Norris can refuse the offer.
One day, Chuck Norris lost his ring. Since then, it's a mess in a faraway region...
Chuck Norris would've found the meaning of 'Rosebud'.
Chuck Norris FactReferenced Movie
Chuck Norris already knows what's in the box.
Chuck Norris can watch this classic Kubrick sci-fi movie and understand it.
Damned Dirty Apes would not dare put their stinking paws on Chuck Norris!
Chuck Norris wouldn't die after watching the tape.
Chuck Norris managed to say hello to the little friend
Chuck Norris wouldn't need a bigger boat...
If Chuck Norris had played in this 1999 movie, they would've changed the title because there just wouldn't be any fight.
Chuck Norris can survive an atomic bomb while hiding in a refrigerator and one still wouldn't expect less from him.

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