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Can you name the Disney-Pixar Movies by their Voice Cast?

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Voice CastMovie
James Woods - Danny DeVito - Tate Donovan
Mel Blanc - Cliff Edwards - Dickie Jones
Samuel L. Jackson - Holly Hunter - Craig T. Nelson
Bobby Driscoll - Kathryn Beaumont - Hans Conried
Rene Auberjonois - Pat Carroll - Jodi Benson
Glenn Close - Tony Goldwyn - Brian Blessed
Phil Harris - Andy Devine - Brian Bedford
Steve Buscemi - John Goodman - Billy Crystal
David Spade - John Goodman - Eartha Kitt
Paige O'Hara - Robby Benson - Richard White
Phil Harris - George Sanders - Bruce Reitherman
Miguel Ferrer - Pat Morita - Eddie Murphy
Zach Braff - Steve Zahn - Joan Cusack
Voice CastMovie
Sigourney Weaver - Ben Burtt - Elissa Knight
Ilene Woods - Eleanor Audley - Verna Felton
Matthew Broderick - Jeremy Irons - James Earl Jones
Ellen DeGeneres - Albert Brooks - Willem Dafoe
Grant Bardsley - Freddie Jones - Susan Sheridan
Scott Weinger - Robin Williams - Linda Larkin
Christopher Plummer - Edward Asner - Jordan Nagai
Adriana Caselotti - Eddie Collins - Lucille La Verne
Peggy Lee - Barbara Luddy - Larry Roberts
Zachary Levi - Mandy Moore - Ron Perlman
Kevin Spacey - Dave Foley - Hayden Panettiere
Chris Sanders - Kevin McDonald - Daveigh Chase
Owen Wilson - Paul Newman - Bonnie Hunt

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