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Can you name the epithets for each One Piece character?

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Forced Order
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'Roar of The Sea'
'Cat Burglar'
'Mermaid Princess'
'The Iron Wall'
'Desert King'
'Sky Knight'
'Golden Lion'
'Black Leg'
'Fighting King'
'The Killer'
'Surgeon of Death'
'Corrupt King'
'Massacre Soldier'
'Cotton Candy Lover'
'The Drill'
'Shark Cutter'
'The Silent'
'Big Mom'
'The Super Sonic'
'The Jackal'
'Mountain Wind'
'Devil Child'
'Demon Bamboo'
'The Falcon'
'The Saw'
'Iron Mask'
'Colossal Battleship'
'The Beast Tamer'
'Marriage Proposal'
'The Magician'
'Hawk Eyes'
'Heavenly Yaksha'
'Snow Woman'
'The Adventurer'
'The Fist'
'The Continent Puller' or 'The Devil'
'Tin Plate'
'Pirate Prince' or 'White Horse'
'The Red Ogre'
'Mad Monk'
'Pirate Hunter'
'Ghost Princess'
'The Clown'
'Mighty Drinker'
'Killers of The Snowy Mountain'
'Humming' or 'Soul King'
'Grim Reaper'
'The Blue Ogre'
'Knight of The Sea'
'Fire Fist'
'Big Eater'
'The Champion'
'The Black Cage'
'White Chase'
'God of the Sea'
'of The Rain'
'Hundredth Dan'
'Red Flag'
'of The Six-Sword Style'
'Pirate Empress' or 'Snake Princess'
'The Acrobat'
'of The Beasts'
'of The Hundred Plans'
'Destruction Cannon'
'Witch' or 'Doctorine'
'Fox Fire'
'Dark King'
'Queen' or 'Okama King'
'King of Snipers' or 'Sogeking'
'Straw Hat'
'The Buddha'
'The Silver Fox'
'of The Graveyard'
'Pirate King'
'The Hyena'
'Crescent Moon Hunter'

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