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Five Nights at Freddy's trivia!

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What color are Toy Bonnie's eyes?
What animatronic can walk on the ceiling?
What is the only form of transportation ever seen in either game?
Where does the Mangle usually sit?
Who was seen running down the hall in the trailer for the original game?
Name one animatronic unaffected by your Freddy head.
Who do you play as in the original FNAF?
What jumpscare ends the 'Give Gifts, Give Life' death minigame?
What youtube let's player first beat 20/20/20/20 mode in the original FNAF?
Fill in the blank. 'They'll think you're a metal ____ without its costume on.'
In the original game on night five, there is a warped message instead of the phone guy. Reversed, the message is actually a quote from what book?
How many children were killed by the murderer in total?
What year does FNAF2 take place in?
Which animatronic wears a bib that says 'Let's Party'?
The tune of what song keeps the Marionette asleep?
How many animatronics have rosey cheeks?
What part of freddy can you make honk/squeak? (By clicking the poster in both games)
Who do you mainly play as in FNAF2?
All the animatronics have ____ recognition software.
What is the only animatronic that speaks?
What instrument does Toy Bonnie play?
How many death mini games are there?
What does Toy Chica carry on her tray?
What kind of animal is Mangle?
Where can you find 'Balloon girl'?
Name one of the three messages spelled out in the death minigames.
Which hand is Foxy's hook on?
How many heads does Mangle have?
What is the fan name of the murderer?
Who both created the game and voiced Phone Guy?
What song does Freddy Fazbear play in the original FNAF?
How much money do you get for overtime in the Original FNAF? (6th night)
What is on Balloon Boy's hat?
How many children are visible in the 'Take Cake to the Children' death game?
What room has no video feed in the original FNAF?
What song signals the Marionette is on his way?
What color is Bonnie's bowtie?
What is the full name of the establishment in the original FNAF?

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