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Can you name the Doctor Who character by description?

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Space Titanic midshipman 
Former MP for Flydale North 
Ex-companion, owner of a tin dog 
The human disguise of an alien from Clom 
Head of the last remaining Carrionites 
Servant of the Mighty Jagrafess 
The Doctor's daughter 
Immortal Time Agent 
New York show girl 
Leader of Torchwood London 
Robot on board Bowie Base One 
Utahn collector of alien artifacts 
Extreme supernanny of the Adipose 
Donna's granddad 
Psychic maid who opened the Cardiff rift 
School boy possessed by 'Son of Mine' 
The Master's wife 
Evil alien disguised as a 1950s broadcaster 
Mickey's parallel equivalant 
Victorian man who thought he was the Doctor 
Tree lady from 5,000,000,000 years in the future 
Teenage genius killed in Sontaran explosion 
Bad Wolf 
Sent to Hull by the Weeping Angels 

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