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Can you name the Doctor Who episode by description?

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The Family track down John Smith's hidden alter ego 
The Doctor saves the world in his pyjamas, with a Satsuma 
The Master's Prime Minister of Great Britain! 
Sally investigates the house with the stone statues  
The Doctor and Donna solve a mystery with the best crime writer in history 
A hungry television steals people‚Äôs faces 
Prisoner Zero has escaped 
A royal adventure in Torchwood House  
Zombies are rising in 19th century Cardiff 
The Doctor and Martha are in a monster traffic jam! 
The water has turned evil on the red planet 
The Doctor meets Rose Tyler for the first time 
An adventure with Kylie aboard the Titanic 
Masqueraded robots step from France to a space station 
Rose Tyler has returned to help Donna escape a parallel universe  
The Weeping Angels are not making things easy for Amy Pond 
The great battle of the Daleks and the Cybermen causes dire consequences 
Game shows gone mad! 
Martha Jones and the Doctor are reunited to battle the Sontarans 

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