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Can you name the Megaman x second bosses?

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DescriptionSecond BossGame
This guy was a fat guy first, but he turn mad!
It's a bounty hunter who has tried to kill X, 3 times
This character when he is leaving, he say 'adios amigo...'
These characters are following x to kill him, and x fight 2 times with each one
This character is short and old, and he always is in his platform
This character was a boss od the classic mega man series
This character, has a shield, and it's golden
The previous character has a partner called:
And both of them works to Doctor:
This boss apears twice in megaman x series, and it is a wall
It's the robot who is in charge of repliforce
DescriptionSecond BossGame
This character it'sa researcher, he works in the past with Alia
This is a hunter, that in his second form, only appears his head in a tube
the name of this character is as a color
This robot is a searcher of the 'Nightmare'
This robot is the fusion of the two doppler's helpers
Is a new generation reploid, and vile kidnaps her
This hunter, is the fat one of the trio
This character was a very friend of zero,and she has a brother
Name of the brother of the previous character
Sigma's pet
Name of second ride armor of vile

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