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Forced Order
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What is Harry's Dad's name? A)William B) Frank C) James
What shape is Harry's scar? A) An Apple B) A Lightning Bolt C) A Pencil
Who is the cousin of Sirius Black? A) Isabel B) Lucy C) Bellatrix
How old is Harry when he first goes to Hogwarts? A) 11 B)14 C)7
What is Dumbledore's first name A) Steve B) Albus C)Benjamin
What is the name of the boy who was killed in 'The Goblet of Fire'? A) Ed Balls B) Michael Gove C)Cedric Diggory
Who does Harry go on to marry? A) Katy Perry B) Ginny Weasley C) Angela Murkel
What is the name of Harry's Irish male friend? A) Kim Jong Un B) Seamus Finnigan C) Jack Jackson
Wat is the name of Voldemort's snake? A) Naginni B) Twiglet C) Digby
What is Voldemort's true identity? A) Ashley Smith B) Alex Salmon C) Tom Riddell

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