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Year of ReleaseFilm TitlePopular Mechanics description
1968A tale of evolutionary advancement presented in a style that doesn't seem to fit in with any filmmaking norm we're accustomed to.
1982A meticulously crafted film bursting with creativity with a very simple message: nobody wants to die.
1997Where does preventative medicine end and playing God begin? Is it true that in the future we'll all start wearing sharp suits and hats and have art deco furniture?
1986A team goes up against acid-bleeding, air-duct-crawling beasties, with a little girl to save and a queen to destroy.
1927A masterpiece of expressionism and art deco design, this is a none-too-subtle Marxist text set in a future world emerging from Germany
1977More surreal than you remember (the sculpture, the potatoes, the music) with rather raw moments of domestic unrest. But fundamentally, this is a movie about going with your gut.
1980The most audacious independent film production ever mounted, with ice planets, sky cities, swamp-dwelling Muppet sages, and, most importantly, darkness.
1982Has cool sci-fi premises coming out of (and going into) its ears, mixing genetic engineering, cryogenics, mind-control, terraforming, and consciousness planting.
1984Marries thought-provoking sci-fi to brutal action in an unprecedented fashion.
1968Knowing the twist ending doesn't dull any of the delights of this science-fiction masterpiece.
1951A man known as Carpenter has a message of peace for all mankind. (Okay, no one accused this film of being subtle.)
1979Maybe the greatest monster movie ever made, and ne of the first films to treat working in space in a downbeat manner.
1987In Detroit, the task of maintaining order is handed over to Omni Consumer Products.
1956A relatively mature attitude toward interstellar travel, animation effects mixed with gorgeous color matte paintings, an all-electronic score, and a rudimentary understanding of Freudian principles, set on a distant space colony.
2008The future will be difficult for humanity, which is destined to become bloated and atrophy in hoverchairs.
1976In the future, we'll all live in a giant shopping mall, and, when we turn 30, be euthanized by the state
1992He's back, but this time he and his absurd accent are the good guys
1988Biker gangs, ESP, cryonics, noncorporeal life forms, and a bulging blob of telekinetic mass that destroys Neo-Tokyo's Olympic Stadium
1998This paranoid, interplanetary mystery gets the comic-book-movie vibe right
2006A bleaker-than-bleak look at a future where procreation is suddenly impossible
1986A take on teleportation and emerging species that looks cool and gross, but remarkably touching.
1902This 12-minute film the first motion picture representation of a ship in flight and of aliens from a distant world.
1990Based on a Philip K. Dick very short story, this film appeals to those who like to deconstruct puzzles
1977Lots of sub-fields fall into sci-fi, and I'll include anything with spaceships, hyperdrive, blasters, and Wookies
1999Hacker/messiah in cool shades with limited vocabulary
Year of ReleaseFilm TitlePopular Mechanics description
2002Spielberg's riff on a Philip K. Dick story offers a sterling blend of paradoxical head-scratchers and bleeding-edge technology.
2009A South African apartheid commentary
1971A darkly comic take on crime, punishment, and social control
1982Hacker/slacker gets zapped 'inside' a mainframe computer system, where programs are represented as enslaved people.
2007A marvelous look at a group of desperate people coming together to face an impossible challenge.
1979A classic Western seen through the lens of post-apocalyptic Australia
1982This tale of an alien infection amidst long-john-wearing scientists in the snow is not for the weak of heart.
1993Amber-trapped DNA can bring back the beasts of the past
2006Someday humanity will be so stupid that a dope from today will seem like an absolute genius.
2004A bold take on time manipulation from the point of view of garage scientists. It is at times frustrating, but bursting with creative ideas and twists.
1982Suburbia is shown warts and all, and the government is exposed as dangerous and unfeeling.
1995A good gateway to the world of anime, featuring hackers, rival police squads, meticulous cityscapes, cyborgs, and spider tanks
1972Psychologist leaves Earth behind to investigate the silence from a space station orbiting an ocean planet.
1985A bureaucratic horror-comedy nightmare that's a labyrinthine bit of world-building with its own aesthetic.
1954Unchecked technological advancement has repercussions. And sometimes those repercussions are a murderous, godlike sea beast with a bone-chilling screech.
2001There are time loops, alternate dimensions, killer metal bunnies, and weird liquid-like stuff emerging from your stomach.
1996The pesky Borg are going to prevent the first contact between Earth and extraterrestrials,
1985A fantastic child-is-father-to-the-man story that also delves into timeline paradoxes.
1976A weird, wonderful look at our culture from an outsider's point of view.
1985A warring Terran and reptilian Drac are stranded on a none-too-hospitable planet.
1973The rich keep women as 'furniture,' and everyone else is eating green protein wafers
2009Harvesting helium-3 on the moon, but corporations don't treat their employees with respect.
1997A brilliant piece of trashy satire that's funny, poignant, and gleefully disgusting.
2006An undercover detective roots out abusers of 'substance D,' a drug so intoxicating it can create intense hallucinations and split personalities.
2009An epic battle for the fate of Pandora
Year of ReleaseFilm TitlePopular Mechanics description
1960A Victorian gets a glimpse at the two world wars and a high-tech future before nuclear destruction reboots Earth
1971A detail-oriented, by-the-numbers procedural about a crack team of scientists trying to isolate a biological threat
1997A Spanish head-scratcher that's a little Total Recall meets John Frankenheimer's Seconds
1987A typical survival film gets all heat-visiony and translucent
1997A formidably realistic look at what would actually happen if we received signals of extraterrestrial origin
2004The ephemeral qualities of memory, love, and hair color are mixed up in a kaleidoscopic, bittersweet romantic comedy
1984A culture in the midst of permanent distant war, with secret prisons where torture is allowed.
1951What would happen if a giant rock were careening toward Earth?
1984This lighthearted early gamer's space adventure did work—and still does
1931The story of a man who uses laboratory gizmos to cheat death
1995A man is sent from a post-human future not to correct the past but to understand it.
1980What happens when you drop Latin American insanity herbs into a sensory deprivation tank
1978going to go with the 1978 version over the 1956
1950Forward-thinking in its depiction of a U.S.-USSR space race and the involvement of private industry
1954Giant radioactive ants.
1984A missing Chevy Malibu with corpses of space aliens in the trunk
1971White on white, cold lighting, negative space and screens within screens within screens. The story is completely secondary to the aesthetic
1973Domestic robots, cloning, and the state-run 'telescreen.' And then there are the giant, mutated fruits and vegetables
2010This splendidly shot and original tale of corporate espionage is a crafty gem of a picture
1965A poetic struggle about man against oppression; a jazz-inspired riff on classic sci-fi
1975To keep the populace amused, the cities have their champions fight one another to the death
1962All plants move—they don't usually pull themselves out of the ground and chase you!
1963An Eastern-bloc tale of deep space travel
1986...and the only solution is to go back in time and rescue humpback whales
1974The story of longhair dopes punching the clock as they destroy planets
Year of ReleaseFilm TitlePopular Mechanics description
1981What an average working man can expect should we ever find ourselves mining on distant satellites
1981A creepy tale about the military industrial complex using psychic powers to breed a new race of...
1966Firemen are tools of the state used to destroy books
1973A world where human beings are kept as the pets of gigantic blue aliens
1997A film about life-threatening puzzles and traps takes something like Saw
2011a remarkable essay on the elasticity of consciousness, evolutionary thresholds and medical ethics
1984The ability to enter other people's dreams...and a plot to start World War III
1979the Zone is a forbidden wasteland where the usual rules of perception and physics are not sacrosanct
1997Few movies have captured the fun, zany spirit of 1950s pulp while also managing to be so, well, good.
2008The difficult issue of migrant labor gets a dystopian spin
1984Dude from space looks like dead husband
2006From one angle it is historical fiction. From another, it is a medical drama. A third of it, however, is some far-out heavy sci-fi.
1999A prescient look at the way role-playing video games will take over our culture.
1999This film's true magic: Behind all the geek-culture sarcasm, it's still a ripping good yarn.
1953For sequences of pure earth annihilation, though, few films from the era can compare
1988Advertising is actually the work of belligerent space aliens intent on subduing and exploiting the populace.
1972This take on interstellar preservation manages to be both whiz-bang fun and an early appearance of what would become sci-fi tropes.
1971In between all the time paradoxes and social commentary, there's also plenty of room for fun, like a montage including 'grape juice plus'
1979a strange hodge-podge of kid-friendly robots, awesome special effects, and 2001-esque psychedelic freak-out
2005Shows an ostensibly benevolent government can transform into an evil empire
1973Vacationers can live out their Roman, Medieval, or Old West fantasies with none of the risk...until
1995The villain can achieve immortality, but has lost his ability to dream, which is essential for staying young. He must therefore steal the dreams of children.
2011Killer blue things from outer space drop in on the wrong British housing project
2009Does scientific research have boundaries? When is it moral to play God?
1981A cheery blend of anti-government paranoia, haywire sociology, and good old-fashioned grindhouse sleaze

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