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a mixture of two or more metals melted into one compound
The B in 'BU'
Gold coins were once minted in this North Carolina city
Gold coins were also minted in this Georgia town
name for the old gold $10 coins made up until 1933
The Half Dollars made between 1948 - 1963
One of the lowest grades
light streaks caused by faint cleaning or light polishing.
$2 1/2 and $5 Indian Coins have this design style
coins only worth their silver value
a scarce date that is often hard to find to complete a collection
The phrase 'United States of America' on coins and currency is called this
another term for uncirculated
The scientific term for a coin collecting
the front of a coin
What people mistakenly called a United States One Cent Coin
These were first minted in 1796
A coin not graded by a third party grading service
Many people consider the $20 Gold piece designed by this person to be the most beautiful American coin ever
Slang term for a 3 Cent piece
A coin such as the 1849 $20 Gold piece
The V in 1909-S V.D.B.
Jefferson Nickels partially made of silver are often called this
This is short for Extra Fine
A coin collector who isn't an adult yet...sometimes called a YN
1921 Morgan dollars specially struck for a Mint friend are known by his last name

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