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Can you name the types of medication with 'anti' in it's name?

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What it doesAnti-Examples or Types
Corrects irregular heart rhythmsadenosine, qunidine, lidocaine
Kills bacteria or inhibits bacterial growth.penicillin
Impedes the formation of blood clots. Or helps to remove blood clots already formed.warfarin, heparin
Stops muscle spasms, such as those from seizures.carbamazepine, valproic acid.
Treats the most common mood disorder.Tricyclic ~, MAO inhibitors, SSRI
Treats a disease which leaves sufferers unable to control their blood sugar.Insulin
Counteracts or neutralizes the effect of a poison.ethanol, dimercaprol
Prevents vomiting.domperidone, ginger root
Kills yeast or ringworm for example. clotrimazole, itraconazole
Inhibits a certain bodily chemical associated with allergic reactions.loratidine
What it doesAnti-Examples or Types
Reduces the body's reaction to injury or infection.Ibuprofen, ASA.
Inhibits cell division and growthchemotherapy drugs
Neutralizes free radicals.vitamin C, vitamin E
Relieves itching, particularly of non-allergic origin.calamine lotion
Treats severe mental disorders, e.g. schizophrenia.phenothiazines
Lowers the body's temperature. Treats fever.ASA, acetaminophen
Inhibits the growth of a certain type of viruses that includes HIV.protease inhibitors
Kills bacteria and fungus, generally used topically.iodine, rubbing alcohol
Suppresses coughing. codeine, ephedrine
Used to treat spider or snake bites.Often requires specifically identifying the biting species.

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