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Can you name the God of War Characters (1-3)?

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Forced Order
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You really need a hint?Protagonist
Goddess of WisdomGoddess
King of the GodsGod
God of WarGod
God of the UnderworldGod
God's Blacksmith or Smith GodGod
God of the SeaGod
Queen of the GodsGoddess
God of the SunGod
Messenger of the GodsGod
Goddess of LoveGoddess
Mother NatureTitan
Carries a HEAVY burdenTitan
Carries a HEAVY but lighter burdenTitan
Imprisoned in a mountainTitan
Gave mankind fireTitan
She is keyCreation - Young Girl
Queen of the GorgonsGorgon
Seeks revenge and serves the Sisters of FateGorgon
Main sister, determined to stop a man on a mission of vengeanceSister of Fate
Ugly, scary oneSister of Fate
Fat with many armsSister of Fate
Father of the flying, insane humanHuman
Insane and could flyHuman
Leader and wields a BIG hammerHuman
Tends to fall. Hehehe.Human

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