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Can you name the 'Demonata' Characters?

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Here's a clueSpecies
The MAIN characterHuman/Werewolf
The MAIN character's siblingHuman
I see lights... And like to open doors.Human
I'm technically very old, but I am young and powerful. And Irish.Human
The look on your face!Human
Leader, powerful magician. Oh. And half demon.Human/Demon
Ex-Army. Likes the film 'Jaws'.Human
I lost my legs!Human
I'm hot and flirtyHuman
I changed sides.Human/Demon
I only wanted to be a stage magician...Human
That girl stole my body!Human
He could have saved me from falling. He chose not to.Human
Here's a clueSpecies
My brother fell and died...Human
A powerful druid. I once mentored a young girl years ago.Human
I enjoy the company of werewolves.Human
Very good with computers and such.Human
Betrays the good guys a VERY VERY long time ago.Human
Main character's arch enemy.Demon
Humans misjudge me for being a child and weakDemon
I have a waggy tale, delicate hands and a snapping jaw.Demon
I like to stab eyes with my tail.Demon
I hop around and spit acid.Demon
Spiky, dog like and don't forget my beatle head.Demon
God-Like EntitiesSomeing else

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