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Never before thought of questions
What Is the first thing shown in the opening credits?
Gordon's Dad tells him 'no matter how far you go, don't forget your...'
How old is Gordon in D2?
What move does Gordon use to score in his minor league game?
What is the name of the player who injures Gordon during his minor league game?
What place is the bus that Gordon gets dropped off on headed after his injury?
What hat is Gordon wearing when he gets off the bus?
Who does Hans go home to visit?
Don Tibbles doctor in LA is 'doing great things' with what type of animal ligaments?
What does Gordon use to round up the ducks?
Where do Charlie and Jesse pick up Averman?
What shirt is Goldberg wearing when he is working in the deli?
What is Banks' nickname?
What is the name of the restaurant Bombay meets the Ducks at before going in Don Tibbles limo?
Where is Luis Mendoza from?
What is the team name on Portman's sleeveless practice jersey?
When can Don Tibbles get his whistle back?
Name the announcer for the goodwill games?
After Don Tibbles gets knocked out cold, what does he ask for?
Who farts during the drill when the team is tied up?
Who is the first person lasoed by Dwayne in practice?
What is the final of USA vs. Italy?
What is the title of the song that plays during Gordon's Hendrix photoshoot?
What is the name of the street Averman, Goldberg, Jesse, and Dwayne explore?
Who does Goldberg say he is related to to get in the store?
Goldberg says his mom is really looking for...?
Gordon and the Iceland chick get what to eat?
Who does Averman interview before USA's first game versus Iceland?
Never before thought of questions
Dean Portman gets kicked out how early during the first game versus Iceland?
Who scores USA's only goal during that first game?
What is the name of the player Portman goes after in the penalty box?
The referee in D2 plays who in D3?
What nickname do the players give Gordon after the Iceland loss?
What artist sings the song during the school yard puck scrimmage?
Who shoots the puck that breaks a cars windshield?
Yans closes the shop for the first time in..?
Ms McKay fills in for Gordon as coach versus what team?
How does team USA score the winning goal in that game?
What team does the knucklepuck make its debut?
What game do Gordon and Stanson play?
What network broadcasts the gold medal game?
What is the last name of the ref of the gold medal game?
Averman says USA can't win because Iceland is bigger, stronger, and have more...?
What is the score of the gold medal game after 2 periods?
Where is Dean Portman from?
Where is Kenny Wu from?
There is no rule against doing what during a game?
Who is the leading scorer of the goodwill games?
The Iceland trainer is?
Who shoots first for USA in the shootout?
How does Iceland's Sanderson score in the shootout?
Gunner Stahl is fancy he'll...?
Finish the quote, 'Gunner you lost it for me....'
What Duck player's last name is the same as the actor playing that same character?
Disney spells Iceland differently, how does it appear on their jerseys?

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