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QUIZ: Can you name the Largest Cities of Turkmenistan?

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PopulationCity/Город/ŞäherAbout the City Clues
947,221The White City of Love
279,765Ancient Amul on the Amu Dariya
245,872Northern 'Stone Spring' City
126,141Jesus' Mom buried here (say Keraits)
93,692Trans-Caspian Railway Oasis Town
91,713Dry Oasis in the Murgab/Healing Spa
90,149Oil Mountain in the Balkan (Province)
79,324Southern Melons, Narcotics, Textiles, and Fertilizers
73,803Oilrich Caspian Resort Named for the Great Leader
68,133Sulfur Mines in the Far East
42,868Fireworks!? And Wine. Renamed in 2012 after the explosion.
39,602Eastern Syr Dariya Town renamed after the President's Dad in 1999.
38,936Gas fields, Cotton, and Cattle
PopulationCity/Город/ŞäherAbout the City Clues
35,386Ancient Persian Capital of Khwarezm
30,042'New Water' Ashgabat Suburb
29,131Turkmen Pirates and Oil Wells
27,451Renamed for the President's Mom, but it didn't seem to catch on
27,408South Balkan Gas Fields
25,065Nearby Caves with Lakes Inside
25,043Gassy Border Town
23,762Prosperous Crossroads of the TransCaspian and Russia-Iran Railway Lines
23,728The Youngest City in Turkmenistan (Official Status received in 2016)
21,465Turkmen Fortress, site of their defeat by the Russians in 1880.
21,160Lebap Cotton Town on the banks of the Amu Dariya
21,160Soviet Oil Town circa 1973, renamed in 1990 for a Turkmen Warrior Poet
20,218Site of a Battle between Soviet and British Indian forces during the Russian Civil War

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