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PopulationCity/Город/ShaharAbout the City Clues
2,135,700The 1000-year old Stone-Cold Capital
408,500Salt Mines, Poets, and Islamic Revivalism
361,200Tamerlane's Ancient Capital
352,600Industrial City of Babur's Birth in the Fergana
258,100The Karakalpak Capital and Art Haven
237,800Medressahs, Minarets, and a Fortress in this Ancient Holy City
212,200Mongol Timurid Fortress City Known for Natural gas and Carpets
203,500Fergana Crossroads 'City of Winds'
184,500Soviet Oil and a Valley Namesake
165,100Alexander the Great's Chicken Sandwich Lunch Stop
140,700Hydroelectricity, Kazakhs, and Skiing
136,500Timur's Gate and Rashidov's Digs
136,300Cotton, Algebra, and Basmachi in Khorezm
129,300Eastern Coal-mining Industrial Ghost Town
122,300Gold and Free-trade zones/Named for a great 1400s Chatagai Poet
120,800Friendship Bridge/Place of Crossing
116,700Soviet Smelting Causes Pollution
PopulationCity/Город/ShaharAbout the City Clues
91,100City of Green/Birthplace of Tima(Lane) (the original T-Pain)
85,000Farkhad Dam and a Cement Plant
68,600Place of Pilgrims/Burial place of Adam
67,500Cotton, Wines, Mountains, and Heat in the South
64,600Knifemakers and Hats in this Bronze Age Settlement
64,500Samarkand's 2nd, a Sufi Fortress near the Uzbek Sea
62,000Refuge for Uighurs and Poets on the Canal
60,400Tashkent Suburb Factory Town
59,300Beer, Porcelain, Cotton in the South
56,000New Bukhara, where the first Tajik Newspaper was published in 1912.
55,600Cotton Town 'Hunger Steppe'
54,900GM Uzbekistan near the Kyrgyz Border
54,600Medieval Scholar Al-____ wrote on Sciences, Math, History, Indian Studies, and Comparative Religions circa 990-1048.
54,300Uzbekistan's City of Gold
54,0001000 Year-old Plane Trees
50,900City Relocated in the 1940s after flooding
50,800Ancient Khanate with Good Water

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