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King of Asgard and the Aesir, wields the spear Gungnir, rides the six-legged horse Sleipnir
God of Thunder, wields the hammer Mjolnir, son of Odin
Trickster and shapeshifter, father of the wolf Fenrir and the serpent Jormungandr
Wife of Odin, similar to Freyja
Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war, one of the Vanir
God of light and beauty, all life swore not to harm him, except mistletoe
Wife of Thor, Goddess of the earth and agriculture
Guardian of the Bifrost, Watches for Ragnarok
Presides over realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead
God of justice and reconciliation, Son of Baldr
Primary Norse pantheon, defeated the Vanir
Secondary pantheon, defeated and absorbed by the Aesir
Twin brother of Freyja, God of virility and prosperity, one of the Vanir
One-handed god of law, heroic glory, and war
Skaldic god of poetry

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