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Titan of the sun.
Mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo
Titaness of good counsel, planning and wisdom, mother of Athena.
Titan of forethought and crafty counsel, creator of humans.
Titan of the all-encircling ocean.
Titaness of the moon.
Titan of light, father of Helios Selene and Eos.
Titaness of Memory and mother of the Muses
Titan of violent anger and rash action.
Son of Iapetus, forced to carry the sky on his shoulders.
Titaness of intellect and prophecy.
Titan of afterthought.
Titaness of dawn
Titan of mortality, father of Prometheus, Epimetheus Atlas and Menoetius.
Titaness of fertility and motherhood, mother of elder Olympians.
Leader of Titans, overthrew his father Uranus, overthrown by his son Zeus.

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