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QUIZ: Can you name the 3-letter answers in this SNL-based word ladder?

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★Common Abbreviation for Saturday Night Live★
★Stock symbol for SONY, subject of Dr. Evil's hack★
Feminine pronoun
★Michael ___, cast (2014-Present)★
★ George ___, cast (1975) or British Olympic track star Sebastian★
Corn holder
★___ Schneider, cast (1990-94)★
★___ Nessen, first political host (1975)★
Stimpy's friend
★___ Stiller, cast (1989)★
Beyonce's royal nickname Queen ___
★Tina ___, cast (2000-06)★
What you pay for something
★What 2 Wild and Crazy Guys would call an American woman★
★Where Justin Timberlake put his privates★
Short for an internet robot
★___ ready for prime time players★
Slave rebellion leader ___ Turner
Brief sleep
★Buck Henry's trademark head covering★
★Toonces, the driving ___★
★1995 Sketch turned feature film, 'It's ___'
Barrie's Peter
★___ Aykroyd, cast (1975-79)
★Longtime SNL announcer ___ Pardo★
A female deer
★___ Piscopo, cast (1980-84)★
★___ Lovitz, cast (1985-90)★
★___ Hooks, cast (1986-91)★
★___ Pharoah, cast (2010-Present) or Mohr (1993-95)★
★Dear Sister parody 'MMM Whatcha ___'★
★___ Kinison, comedian, 1986 host★
Spreadable fruit preserve
★___ Belushi, cast (1983-85) or Breuer (1995-98)★
★___ Meadows, cast (1991-2000) or Kazurinsky (1981-84)★
★Franken's comedy teammate ___ Davis★
Small child
★Adam ___ musical guest (1984)★
Abbrev. for Amount
★___ Poehler, cast (2001-08)★
Used to indicate something, but not specifically
★___ Gasteyer, cast (1996-2002)★
American Bar Association, abbrev.
Network but not for SNL
★SNL's network for 41 seasons★

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