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Forced Order
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This element used by the chemist is known for being used in thermite and numerous other compunds in real life you dont want this injected in your veins
This dog is the property of the Hop and is often seen wearing a helmet, name this dog.
A dangerous adversary when you dont have a fire extinguisher on hand this life form is bred by scientists for special powers.
This weapon used by the Security officers for stunning at long range has only one setting non lethal and 4 shots.
This job position is second to one he/she is second in command next to the captain and is the boss of all civilians that are not doctors or scientists
This animal that often comes from space can also be summoned by the emaging of the holo room upon seeing this blue demon from space crewmembers often start running
A tool used by roboticists and murder rampaging crew members. It is used in the last steps of brain removal and is adapt at clearing space weeds
Everyones least favorite goat that quickly turns into burger meat, name this goat that starts in the cooks backroom
As a geneticist which block of SE is used to modify whether the subject is human or a monkey
This class of Xeno is the only class capable of spitting up what it has swallowed
What is the name of this named securitron that starts out patroling the halls and handcuffing anyone set to arrest
Name this chaplain weapon used especially to fight cultists and can disrupt the magic of the cult

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