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AntonymActual SongAlbum
The Detractor Devil of Honest People and Real PeopleTake This to Your Grave
The Cons and Pros of SuffocatingTake This to Your Grace
Creating Wings to Prevent my DeathTake This to Your Grave
MondayTake This to Your Grave
Pepper, Nobody's Stayin' UpFrom Under the Cork Tree
314 Years Out of Hell (AwayfromthreeSammy Hagars)From Under the Cork Tree
Stand, StandFrom Under the Cork Tree
Heterosexual is definitely an antonym for amazingInfinity on High
This is a Movie, It's not a peace treatyInfinity on High
Scream 'Hail Satan'Infinity on High
AntonymActual SongAlbum
Scrw Y Fr Th Frgttbl ThngsInfinity on High
Infamy > FameInfinity on High
I'm Soaring, but I'm no middle fingerInfinity on High
I CareFolie a Deux
(Decaf isn't for Openers)Folie a Deux
Tiffany SucksFolie a Deux
Hate, Chastity, ImmortalityPAX/AM Days
Cold From The Looks of It, Boiling on the OutsidePAX/AM Days
Undesirable American Beauty/American Psycho
North Korean Trainwreck/ Non 'Merican GeniusAmerican Beauty/American Psycho

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