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Can you answer these questions about the cult video game Beyond Good and Evil?

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Who is the protagonist of Beyond Good and Evil?
What planet is Beyond Good and Evil set on?
What is the name of the aliens attacking the planet?
Who is the protagonist's 'uncle'?
Where is the protagonist's home?
What is the name of the A.I. in the protagonist's S.A.C.?
Who has a job offer for you on Black Isle?
Where do you buy a new motor for the hovercraft?
What is the name of the boss fought on Black Isle?
Where is the IRIS Network's hideout?
What is the phrase 'Safe and sound in its shell, the precious pearl is the slave of the currents.' used for?
Where do the IRIS Network first send you?
Who do you rescue on your first assignment?
What item do you use to rescue them?
What does your 'uncle' give you after you use the elevator?
How many pearls does the jump kit cost?
Where is the secret entrance to the Slaughterhouses?
Who do you meet at the IRIS Den after you have completed the Slaughterhouses?
What do they give you?
What is the name of the ship you use to get to the moon?
Who do you photograph having a conversation with the High Priest?
What is the name of the protagonist's staff?
What game does Francis like to play?
What year does the game take place?
Where can you buy the Pearl Detector?
How many hearts does one K-Bups restore?
What does D.B.U.T.T. stand for?
What is the name of the protagonist's pet?
How many pearls are there in total to collect?
What is the name of the game given to you by Issam after collecting all the pearls?
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