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Can you name the Seinfeld episode trivia (season 1-4)?

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AnswerEpisode Question
What word does George write on his clipboard?1.1 the Seinfeld chronicles
Where does Jerry sleep when his parents are staying?1.2 the stake out
Name something stolen from Jerry’s apartment1.3 the robbery
What did Joel own when they were kids that made Jerry friends with him?1.4 male unbonding
Why is Wilkinson (the stock tip guy) in the hospital?1.5 the stock tip
What does George leave at Marlene’s apartment that he asks Jerry to get back for him?2.1 the ex-girlfriend
Who gets Manya’s apartment when her widower Isaac moves to Phoenix?2.2 the pony remark
What type of birds does Kramer need help with.2.3 the jacket
What does George eat to appear casual while phoning Carol?2.4 the phone message
Finish the quote. Jerry:”Ah, what’s to see? A woman from _______ a man from ______ and 20,000 losers”2.5 the apartment
Where do Jerry and Ray meet to discuss the statue?2.6 the statue
How much money does Jerry think he lost at the laundromat?2.7 the revenge
What vegetable does George add to his salad at the coffee house? “You’re bringing in an outside______?”2.8 the heart attack
What does George give Elaine for her birthday?2.9 the deal
Finish the quote. Leslie “Elaine, who catered this _____?”2.10 the baby shower
What excuse does Jerry give to get out of dinner with his uncle?2.11 the Chinese restaurant
What pasta sauce does George order even though he doesn’t like it?2.12 the busboy
What is the name of Jerry’s dentist who writes the insurance notes?3.1 the note
What does Kramer make a coffee table out of?3.2 the truth
Finish the quote. Aunt Stella:”this better be good, I’m missing _____ ______ for this”3.3 the pen
What tea does Jerry like without knowing it has caffeine?3.4 the dog
What is the name of Jerry and George’s high school gym and hygiene teacher?3.5 the library
AnswerEpisode Question
Who does Jerry say stole his public urination pass?3.6 the parking garage
How does George claim he got out of the apartment while taking the IQ test?3.7 the cafe
What is the name of the adult movie Kramer is pretending to film?3.8 the tape
What does George do right after Audrey takes off her bandages?3.9 the nose job
How old is Jerry?3.10 the stranded
What do Kramer, Jerry and Elaine put in Owen’s mouth after his stroke?3.11 the alternate side
What has Jerry been using the Hennigans for?3.12 the red dot
What stuffed toy does Jerry win at Coney Island?3.13 the subway
What is the name of the group Kramer swims with?3.14 the pez dispenser
What does the psychic do that angers Elaine?3.15 the suicide
Finish the quote. George:”I can’t believe it, I’m a father. I did it! ___ _____ _____ _____”3.16 the fix up
What morbid topic does George bring up when he meets Keith Hernandez?3.17 the boyfriend part 1
Where does George tell Karen he has a job interview?3.18 the boyfriend part 2
What reason do they give for Kramer mixing up who is O’brien and who’s Murphy?3.19 the limo
Where did Elaine meet Eduardo Corrochio?3.20 the Good Samaritan
What does Elaine try to sneak out of Mr Lippmann’s office before he sees it?3.21 the letter
Who pulls their car in head first?3.22 the parking space
What TV show does Kramer appear on?3.23 the keys
What TV show does Kramer’s neighbour Helene claim to have been on?4.1 the trip part 1
Sing along with Kramer “I’m free because ___ ______ _____ _____”4.2 the trip part 2
Which female recurring character do we meet for the first time in this episode?4.3 the pitch
What reason do Newman and Kramer decide on for why Kramer was going to commit suicide?4.4 the ticket
AnswerEpisode Question
Elaine pretends to be from _______ ______ to surprise the boys when she’s back from vacation4.5 the wallet
Why does Kramer believe Dr Reston’s building is architecturally incorrect?4.6 the watch
What does Jerry write on his head shot for the dry cleaners?4.7 the bubble boy
What does Kramer give to the Cuban representative in exchange for some cigars?4.8 the Cheever letters
Why doesn’t Elaine go into Davola’s dark room? She’s a ____ _______!4.9 the opera
Who does George wish Susan would date instead of him?4.10 the virgin
According to Elaine’s friend Joyce, JFK jr has a great ____!4.11 the contest
George fights with the prisoner because he thinks there’s a blurb about him in this magazine4.12 the airport
Kramer (unfortunately) meets and smells Tia because he wants to borrow Jerry’s _____?4.13 the pick
Name one of the movie theatres that the gang go to?4.14 the movie
Finish the quote. Cheryl Fong: “do you ever laugh?” Jerry: “sometimes when I’m __ ___ ____”4.15 the visa
What is the name (first and last) of the woman Kramer snubs and then kisses?4.16 the shoes
What fruit’s cleanliness do Jerry and George argue about?4.17 the outing
Who gets fired from their volunteer position?4.18 the old man
If George goes to the funeral with Betsy he becomes the _______ guy!4.19 the implant
What toy is Jerry playing with when they first visit Roy in the hospital?4.20 the junior mint
What does Mona (Susan’s girlfriend) do for a living?4.21 the smelly car
What game is Estelle and her friends playing when George tells his father about the wrecked car?4.22 the handicap spot
Who first notices the discolouration on George’s lip?4.23 the pilot part 1
Although she only answers to Elaine, what is the actor playing elaine really named?4.24 the pilot part 2

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