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Can you name the answers about the Harry Potter series in under 10 minutes?

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HintAnswerRelevant Book(s)
Can only be seen once you've witnessed deathBook 5
Re-opened the Chamber of SecretsBook 2
Teaches Herbology at HogwartsBook 1
Has a lynx patronusBook 5
Shows not your face, but your heart's desireBook 1
How to get into the Hogwarts kitchensBook 4
Statue that leads to HoneydukesBook 3
Learns anything that makes it strongerBooks 2 & 7
Mascot of HufflepuffBook 1
They hide in mistletoe. Or do theyBook 1
Winner of the Qudditch World CupBook 4
Omen of deathBook 3
Candy that makes your tongue growBook 4
Buy your wizarding robes hereBook 1
MoonyBook 3
Type of dog Hagrid ownsBook 1
How to read the Maurauder's mapBook 3
Go here for for Magical Maladies and InjuriesBook 5
First petrified victimBook 2
Filch and Mrs. FiggBooks 2 & 5
Spell that repels DementorsBook 3
Lover of socksBook 2 & 4
Aberforth's barBook 7
Leader of the centaursBook 5
WandmakerBook 7
Headquarters of the Order of the PhoenixBook 5
Head of the Department of Magical Games and SportsBook 4
Walk past it three times, thinking about what you needBook 5
Snape's mom's maiden nameBook 6
Substitute teacher for Care of Magical CreaturesBook 7
HintAnswerRelevant Book(s)
This helps Harry get Slughorn's memoryBook 6
Antidote to most poisonsBook 1 & 6
What basilisks are apparently afraid ofBook 2
Misfortunate floo powder destinationBook 2
Where the Hogwarts Express takes off fromBook 1
Neville loses this...ironicallyBook 1
Harry's first broomBook 1
He's already stolen the locketBook 6
Neville's toadBook 1
The only subject Hermione couldn't handleBook 3
Ron's biggest fearBook 2
Be weary of making deals with...Book 7
House of Cho ChangBook 4
Ministry Scapegoat (said to be rather pimply)Book 6 & 7
Driver of the Knight BusBook 3
Drunk house-elfBook 4
Refers to someone who works in the Department of MysteriesBook 5
Teacher of Muggle StudiesBook 7
Truth PotionBook 5
Person who gives Katie Bell the cursed necklaceBook 6
Alternative to floo powder that requires touching an objectBook 4
Entrance into the Gryffindor Common RoomBook 1
Buckbeak's pseudonymBook 6
Supposed to make Ron's rat better... if he really is a ratBook 3
Wizarding test taken in one's seventh yearBook 2
Original witness/hearer of 'the prophecy'Book 6
Patronus form that leads Harry to the swordBook 7
Harry's godsonBook 7
Descendant of Ignotus PeverellBook 7
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-NamedBook 1

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Harry Potter Books

by Derek

One of J.K Rowling's lesser-known series.
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