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HintPony Name
'Hey! Who's been using my racket?!'
Hair dress that works for Photo Finish
Spa Pony
Cutie mark contains three caramel apples
Cutie mark contains cobbler with green apple slice
Cutie mark contains green apple core
Cutie mark contains three apple fritters
Apple Bloom's classmate and recolor of Scootaloo
Pinkie Pie's Sister
Cutie mark contains a bunch of fruit
Seen in 'Over The Barrel' with a guitar Cutie mark
Cutie mark contains music notes
Cutie mark contains three wrapped sweets usually seen with a green pony
Loans a fan to the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Pulling the train in 'Over the Barrel'
Cutie mark contains a golden laurel wreath
Lost grass seeds in 'Winter Wrap Up' used model in 'Sonic Rainboom' as contestant #12 and pulled the carriage in 'The Best Night Ever'
Cutie mark contains three caramel apples
Named for her carrot cutie mark and orange coloring.
Cutie mark contains a checkered flag
Sells homegrown cherries in the ponyville marketplace
Same cutie mark as cherry, but named after a drink.
Pinkie Pie's father
Cutie mark contains palm tree on a desert island
Cutie mark contains one large star and two small stars
Cutie mark contains a golden crown
Hourglass cutie mark, resembles Dr.Who
Hourglass cutie mark, resembles the 5th doctor
Photo Finish's photography crew, and Fluttershy's fan
One of the ponies pulling the train in 'Over the Barrel'
HintPony Name
Cutie mark contains a reel of film
Owner of a newstand and garden patch that gets eaten by parasprites in 'Swarm of the Century'
Cutie mark contains two daisies
Seen playing the piano at the Grand Galloping Gala
Cutie mark contains three golden apples
Another old pony of ponyville
Cutie mark contains two bunches of green grapes
Cutie mark contains a scroll, appeared in Fluttershy's fashion show
Waiter for Twilight Sparkle in 'Ticket Master'
Cutie mark contains a flaming tire
Bouncer and assistant for Photo Finish
Pinkie Pie's sister
Pulling the train in 'Over the Barrel'
Cutie mark contains three white lilies
Cutie mark contains two interlocking horseshoes, and appears in 'Ticket Master' offering Twilight carrots for a ticket
Cutie mark contains a purple horseshoe
Spa pony
Cutie mark contains a pink Lotus Blossom and the Cutie Mark Crusaders styled her hair to that of a clown
Cutie mark contains three four-leaf clovers
Cutie mark contains a lyre
Appears in 'Over the Barrel' with green peppers as her cutie mark
Cutie mark contains a salt shaker
Multiple cutie marks: pillow, magnifying glass, cloud, or cupcake
A nurse of the show, cutie mark contains a red cross with one tiny pink heart in each of the four angles
Another nurse of the show, cutie mark contains only a red cross
Seen playing the cello in 'Grand Galloping Gala'
Apple Jacks aunt that lives in Manehattan
Apple Jacks uncle that lives in Manehattan
Cutie mark contains the Orion constellation
Drinks out of the punch bowl in 'Call of Cutie'
HintPony Name
Seen in over the barrel with a cutie mark containing a palm/coconut tree on an island
Cutie mark contains three peaches
Seen in 'Green Isn't Your Color'
Cutie mark contains a palm tree on island
Frontmost pony pulling the train in 'Over The Barrel'
An androgynous masseuse from Ponyville's spa.
Cutie mark contains a quill and a sofa
Cutie mark contains two bunches of green grapes
Cutie mark contains a big red apple
Cutie mark contains three green muffins
Member of Photo Finish's crew (named by fanfic)
Named after the lady companion of Doctor Who
Cutie mark is a rose and is based off of a generation 1 pony Desert Rose
Wardrobe pony that works for Photo Finish
Lives in Appleoosa has a pie has a cutie mark
Named after a female timelord in Dr. Who
Old pony kicked out of the salt bar in Appleloosa
Teacher of Rarity when she was younger
Sherrif of Appleloosa
One of the ponies that ready Fluttershy for a fashing show as ordered by Photo Finish
A paparazzi pony in 'Green Isn't Your Color'
Name given through a fanfic where he is Photo Finish's buisiness manager
Cutie mark contains a white lighting bolt
Pinkie Pie's Mother
Cutie mark contains a golden sun with orange rays
Cutie mark contains a white lighting bolt
Cutie mark contains three five-pointed white stars
Cutie mark contains a USD sign

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