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Supposedly died having sex with a horse, was actually a very talented ruler for 34 years?Was closely associated with the nobleman Prince Grigory Potemkin.
Hated their nickname of 'little soldier's boots', a cruel leader they were said to prostitute their sisters and kill for pleasure They were the adopted son of Tiberius Caesar Augustus.
Said 'You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning!'Prime Minister from 1979-1990 of the United Kingdom
Declared himself the Last King of Scotland and ask Queen Elizabeth II for her underwear....Rose to power in a coup of 1971.
Killed his own son in a fit of temper.Used his armed bodyguard to kill 60,000 residents in Novgorod in 1570.
Prayed for 'a calamity to overtake the English.'Nationalised an infamous canal in 1956.
Laid waste to Kiev leaving roughly 200 houses standing after executing most of the inhabitants.Their first name was Temujin.
Came up against Count Dracula himself in battle initially suffering bloody defeats at the hands of the impaler, before sending Vlad's brother to drive him out.Broke the gates of Constantinople conquesting the city in 1453 effectively ending the Byzantine Empire.
Was born in Germania, modern day bulgaria, and initially served as Emperor Justin I's bodyguardLed the Byzantine armies to reconquer much of the old Western Roman Empire
Ordered the death of all black dogs in their country after being told that the failed kidnapper of the children had turned into one.Set up the rural militia better known as Tonton Macoutes.
ActionWhich leader?Hint
Was said to denounce Jesus, Muhammad and Moses as frauds and deceivers of mankind.Regained Jerusalem for the Christians through a clever act of diplomacy in 1229.
Rumored to have bathed in the blood of young virgins to keep them young.Would often be found at Csejte Castle.
May well have died of arsenic poisoning from their wallpaper or from poison.Won the famous Battle of Austerlitz
Wrote the book 'Where's the Rest of Me?'Asked the Russian Premier to tear down a very famous wall.
Founded the French Foreign Legion.Their father was executed in the French revolution. This leader came to the throne in 1830.
Launched his very own offensive on the Eastern Front in WWI on June 1917.Only ruled for 3 months in 1917.
Erroneous was said to not be amused but actually wrote 'we were very much amused.'Became Empress of India in 1877
In their pursuit of rubber profits, supported a programme of mutilation if unrealistic quotas weren't met?Was founder and owner of the Congo Free State between 1885-1908.
Was a famous pianist.Became Prime Minister of Poland in 1919
Had the nickname of Pam.Became the first leader of the Liberal Party in 1859.

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