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What was first?A B or CCategory
What came first? A) Assassination of Julius Caesar or B) Roman Conquest of BritainEmpire
Which was later? A) Extinction of the Olmec B) Death of Cleopatra C) The Establishment of the Roman Empire's RepublicEmpire
What came first? A) Birth of Marco Polo B) Birth of England's Edward II C) Birth of Timur (Tamberlaine the Great)?Births
What came first? A) Black Death starts in India B) Invention of the mechanical Printing Press C) Battle of Agincourt Events
Which was later? A) Death of Queen Victoria of England B) Death King Leopold II of Belgium C) Death of Vladimir LeninDeaths
What came first? A) Publishing of the Communist Manifesto B) The Franco Prussian War C)The Indian Mutiny Events
Which was later? A) Launch of Sputnik B) Assassination of John K Kennedy C) Suez Canal CrisisEvents
Which was later? A) Battle of Lepanto B) Imprisonment of the Aztec leader Montezuma (Moctezuma II) C) Launching of the Spanish ArmadaWar
What came first? A) Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire B) Battle of Bosworth (England) C) Columbus sets sail with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Events
What came first? A) Einstein's theory of Special Relativity B) Sinking of the Titanic C) End of the Second BoerEvents
What was first?A B or CCategory
Which came later? A)Death of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi B) Election of Dr Malan in South Africa's General Election (led to the Establishment of Apartheid in South Africa) C) NHSEvents
What came first? A) Beginning of the American War of Independence B) End of the War of Austrian Succession C) Beginning of the Seven Years War War
What came later? A) Birth of Leonardo Da Vinci B) Birth of Michelangelo C) Birth of RaphaelBirths
What came later? A) The first transatlantic telegraph cable B) The Completion of Robert Stephenson's Rocket C) Publishing of Mendeleev's periodic tableScience
What came later? A) Total Female Suffrage in the UK B) Wall Street Crash C) Germany joins the League of NationsEvents
What came first? A) Death of Henry V of England B) Death of Charles VI of France (Charles the Mad) C) Birth of Henry VIPeople
What came first? A) Japanese Invasion of Manchuria B) Greek-Bulgarian War C) Italian Invasion of Abyssinia League of Nations Crises
What came later? A) Death of Francis Drake B) Death of Phillip II of Spain C) Death of Elizabeth I of EnglandDeaths
What came first? A) The Second Reform Act B) The Foundation of the English Liberal Party C) Emanicipation ProclaimationPolitics
What came first? A) The Chicken B) The EggRandom

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