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Forced Order
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Which country was originally called Siam by the Western world?(Country)
What comprises 90% of the Republic of China's territory since their retreat from Nanjing in 1949?(Country)
What length of time was the Colombian Civil war of 1899-1902 better known as?(War)
Which country effectively changed hands from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire after the Siege of Constantinople of 1453?(Country)
Who, in Greek mythology, slayed the Minotaur of Crete?(Mythology)
Which Emperor followed Augustus in 14 AD and retired in 26AD?(Leader)
Which ancient Greek City sided with Xerxes against Athens in the Persian invasion of 480BC? The New Kingdom of Egypt also had a capital with this name?(City)
Who was famously found dead in Mexico with an ice pick in his neck in 1940? (Second name)(Leader
Who lead the Yugoslav partisan war during WWII eventually becoming Prime Minister in 1945 till 1980?(Leader)
In WWI, what was the name of the alliance of France, Russia and the United Kingdom?(War)
In which country did British Rule end in 1961? (Modern name or old names)(Country)
Who are teddy bears named after? (First and second name)(Leader)
What was the first name of the leader of the Haitian rebellion (1791-94), which led to their freedom from France?(Leader)
Which English Royal house ties in a Welsh connection to the throne?(Dynasty)
What was Ivan IV's, Tsar of Russia, famous nickname?(Leader)
In which modern day USA state was the Battle of the Alamo fought in 1836?(War)
The body of Pope Formosus was famously thrown into which river in 897 after the Cadaver Synod had found him guilty of treason?(Religion)
Who created the 'First Cause' argument in defence of God in the 13th Century? (Religion-both surname and name needed)
Which Prime Minister oversaw the final total abolition of the death penalty from British statutes? (First and second name)(Leader)
Who, in Norse mythology, had a hammer and was foretold to die along with a giant serpent in the Ragnarok?(Mythology)

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