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Science questionAnswerDiscipline
What is the value of pi to two decimal places?Maths
What is HNO3?Chemistry
Name a reaction that leads to benzyneChemistry
Who wrote On the Origin of species?Biology
(cos x/sin x)=?Maths
What law states that pressure and volume are the inverse of each other?Physics
Name the crystal structure of sodium chloride. i.e its crystal system.Chemistry
What is/are the byproduct of photosynthesis?Biology
Name the hybridisation of an alkene carbon i.e sp or sp2 or sp3.Chemistry
How are introns removed in genetic science?Biology
Science questionAnswerDiscipline
Tertiary alcohols are substituted by bromide ions through which mechanism, SN1 or SN2?Chemistry
What is i?Maths
What is process by which water travels through a semi permeable membrane?Biology
Potassium nitrate is more commonly used for what?Chemistry
What is the value of plancks constant to 3 decimal places? (Units not required, use excel notation)Physics
Give an example of a carboxylate protecting group.Chemistry
Based on the anomeric effect will a bromine substituent on a sugar ring be axial or equatorial?Chemistry
What does NMR stand for?Chemistry
What is the cubed root of -27?Maths

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