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Forced Order
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Which country gained independance from the UK in 1968?
What was the 'fruity' name of the Samurai's last outing?
What was Columbus' flagship called?
Which country began life as a small confederacy in the Alps?
During this crisis, the British Prime Minister was Anthony Eden
What was Louis XIV of France also known as?
Jimi Hendrix was born in which city in 1942?
Francis Drake beat what in 1588?
Which English Royal house began in 1603?
What is the river of the Greek underworld?
Which God of Hinduism is known as the 'Destroyer'?
Which English King fought with Matilda between 1135-1154 for the right to rule England?
Which war between 1701-1714 involved the powers of Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, Prussia, Netherlands and France?
What title was given to the leader of the Ottoman empire?
Who became ruler of Jerusalem in 1187?
Which German pocket battleship was destroyed in the Battle of the River Plate in 1939?
What is the full German word of the abbreviation SS (WWII German army unit)?
Which Russian leader sponsored the economic programme of collectivisation?
Which country founded apartheid in 1948?
What is the masterless Ronin a type of?

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