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Forced Order
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Which party was founded in 1854 on a platform of preventing the expansion of slavery?(Politics)
Where was one of the ancient Wonders of the World, 'The Colossus of....', situated?(City)
Who standing at the Brandenburg gate in 1987 said 'Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall'?(Leader)
What was Plato's greatest work, concerning the definition of justice and order?(Politics)
Which country famously executed its dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1989?(Country)
Who were the mythical founders of Rome (brothers)? (Mythology)
Who painted the 'School of Athens' in 1510 in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican?(Art)
Which religious movement arose in Jamaica in the 1930s?(Religion)
What event occured on 8th May 1660 in English history?(Politics)
The end of what type of rule occured in India in 1947?(Politics)
Which country executed its royalty in 1918, a final signal of the country abandoning autocracy?(Country)
Who was the ancient Egyptian Sun god?(Mythology)
In which country did the famous genoicide of Tutsis occur in 1994?(Country)
Who, known as the desert fox, had to take his own life after the failed uprising against Hitler in 1944?(War)
Which city was founded by the Portuguese on March 1st 1565?(City)
Which African capital, seated on the Atlantic Ocean, was once home to the Corsair Republics from 1627-1818?(City)
Who became President of the National Convention in France in 1794, overseeing the terror, before his own inevitable downfall ending at the guillotine in the same year?(Leader)
Which English War pitted the Houses of York and Lancaster against each other from 1455-1485?(War)
Which king of England was famously known as the Lionheart?(Leader)
Which house of Russia set up its dynasty in Novgorod in 862 and went to rule all of Russia by 1547?(Dynasty)

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