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Forced Order
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What, at the time, was name of the kingdom which Field Marshall Blucher was fighting for at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815?(Extinct Country)
In which Czech City, did the Hussite wars start, 4 years after John Hus was burnt at the stake there in 1415?(Religion/War)
Which city did Winston Churchill escape from in 1899 and was the capital of this province in 1860?(City)
The invasion of which country in 1939 is seen as the beginning of World War Two?(Country)
What thoroughly contested land, was officially formed under a British Mandate of 1920-22?(Country)
Which set of islands was owned by America until their independence in 1946?(Country)
After the Franco Prussian war, in which city did the Communards seize power in France?(City)
Which war was sparked by a Civil War in 1733 and lasted five years in Poland?(War)
Who became Emperor of Russia following his mother Catherine the Great in 1796?(Leader)
In which Bay did the farcical American backed invasion of Cuba take place in 1961?(War)
Bangladesh (not called this at the time) and India were formed after the partition of the British Raj what was the other country formed?(Country)
In Greek mythology who killed Medusa?(Mythology)
What was completed in 1914 after 10 years of work?(Engineering)
What Colony was founded by the Mayflower Pilgrims of 1620?(Colony)
Pedro JuliĆ£o, was a doctor but what position was he chosen for because it was thought he would last, in 1276?(Leader)
In Greek Mythology, what was the name of the box from which all the evils escaped?(Mythology)
In which Battle, fought in Nov 1917 WWI, did soldiers literally drown in the mud?(War)
Who was married to Mary I of England?(Leader)
Who famously painted the Spanish Civil War in their painting of Guernica in 1937?(Art)
Which state was the 2nd state to join the Union on the 12th December 1787?(Politics)

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