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Forced Order
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Which country has been ruled by a Sultan since 1741?(Country)
What award was introduced by George V in 1917?(Award)
Who was put on trial for 'gross indecency' after a failed libel suit in 1897? (First name and surname needed)(Literature)
In Empire did the Mad Sultan Ibrahim I rule between 1640-8?(Dynasty)
Which President born in 1961, became senator for Illinois in 2005?(Leader)
Which famous military leader put an Osaka temple under siege in 1570? (First Name)(Leader)
Who was the first Wright brother to fly in 1903?(Engineering)
Which city was supposed to be founded by King Harald HardrĂ¥de in 1049?(City)
The Siege of which Belgian town left 80,000 dead after the Dutch had taken the city from the Spanish in 1601?(City)
Which Central American people lost control of their civilisation between 400-350BC leaving historians still baffled as to why?(Dynasty)
Which city was originally called Bytown but changed its mind to its current name in 1856?(City)
Who famously won the English Civil war of 1642-1649 becoming Lord Protector in 1653? (First and second name needed)(Leader)
What became the collective name of Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer after Mary I had them burnt in 1555?(Religion)
Who, in Greek mythology, after the fall of Troy took 10 years to get home after being captured by the nymph Calypso?(Mythology)
During the Russian Civil war of 1918-22 where was the Provisional or White Russian's base in 1918?(City)
What ancient city, literally meaning mouth in latin, was around between 700BC-849AD, and lay abandoned after a final naval battle?(City)
Which state became the 17th state to join the Union of the United States?(State)
Who was the Norse King of the Gods?(Mythology)
In which book of the bible, does the fall of Jerusalem to a foreign invader occur? (Religion)
What was the first name of Bismarck who is often seen as the architect of modern Germany and maintained a balance of power between 1871-1898 in Europe?(Leader)

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