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On the Mayflower in 1620, what was Myles Standish profession?People
In which country did the forces of Augusto Cesar Sandino launch a guerrilla war against their American occupier in the 1930s?Place
Which nation/duchy won the Battle of Hastings?War
What was Marilyn Monroe's real first name?People
Which famous military leader started their life as lieutenant in the artillery section? (First name)War
Who resigned the Presidency of the United States citing the words of Theodore Roosevelt in 1974?People
Who was the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, with her religuous symbol being depicted as a ladder?Mythology
Which 19th century ruler spared the Petrashevsky Circle at the last possible moment in 1849?People
Which Roman emperor was responsible for the death of his mother Agrippina? People
In which battle of the English Civil War was the Army of King Charles I utterly destroyed in June 1645?War
Which political movement was started by Anton Dexler and an infamous accomplice in post WWI Germany?Politics
Which country gained independence from the British Empire on October 1st 1960 after its unification in 1914?Place
Which Babylonian King built the hanging gardens?People
In Feudal Japan what were 'agents who performed unorthodox acts of covert war'?War
Which European City was invaded by the Saracens in 729, 859 and 880, participated in the Italian wars as an ally of Pisa, before placing itself under the protection of the Counts oPlace
Who, on the 26 July 1956, nationalised the Suez Canal sparking an Intervention from British, French and Israeli forces?People
Who, in Greek mythology, was enticed by Nemesis to a pool where he fell in love with his own reflection?Mythology
In which city in the 17th century was the one legged Peter Stuyvesant elected director general in 1647? (Old and modern answers accepted)Place
Who was the 1st Prime Minister of independent India?People
At what battle in 1798 did the British Navy gain dominance in the Meditteranean?War

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