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'And here, we, go...'The Joker
'I think the People of Earth are going to need me.'Ruben Carver
'I couldda been somebody...'Terry Malloy
'The horror'Colonel Walter E Kurtz
'Precisely the third most I-talian.'Aldo the Apache
'I liked to get kissed before I get f**ked, ay.'Danny Archer
'You have been weighed, measured and you have been found wanting.'Count Adamar
'We will always have Paris'Rick Blane
'That wasn't flying that was falling with style!'Woody
'I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.'Don Vito Corleone
'Hello friendo.'Anton Chigurh
'You asked for a miracle, I give you the F...B...I.'Hans Gruber
'Seven minutes of defence. This is it. This is our destiny!'Francois Piennar
'I've got chills that are multiplying....'Danny Zuko
'Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration?'Jules Winnfield
'The first rule that you don't talk about...'Tyler Durden
'But never forget what he is....''Oh he's a monster, so rare to capture on alive'.Jack Crawford/Dr Fredick Chilton
'Its your past that disarms you Mondego'Edmond Dantes
'Or worse, expelled!'Hermione Granger
'A black man can steal your stereo but he can't be your saviour.'Rufus the 13th disciple

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