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What Naval Battle of 1571 pitted the navies of the Ottoman Empire against Venice, Genoa and Spain? War
Who wrote the scandalous Women in Love in 1920?Art
In which country was King Savang Vatthana overthrown after a long bloody Civil war in 1975?Country
What early Middle age kingdom was smashed by Charlemagne and the Franks in 774?Kingdom
Which trickster god in Norse mythology is bound by his sons entrails whilst venom drips over him causing earthquakes?Mythology
Which english town was part of an 18 day siege in the English Civil War in 1644?City
Who was Queen Guinevere of the King Arthur tales said to have had an affair with?Mythology
In which Battle was Napoleon trounced by the collective armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden in 1813?War
Which country received independence from the United Kingdom on the 4th October 1966?Country
Who was the famous liasion officer of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman turks of 1916-18?Leader
Which English political party was founded by Keir Hardie and Jowett in the 1890s?Politics
What political English party is recognised as being founded in 1859?Politics
Of what group of victims did Che Guevara say the words 'the highest forms of human solidarity and loyalty arise among such lonely and desperate people' about?Leader
Prior to his ascendancy to the head of the French government what was Maximilien Robespierre's job?Leader
In which country was Colonel Gaddafi the head of state untill 2011?Country
What purchase of 1803 by USA was thought to be roughly worth less than 42 cents per acre?Politics
Which famous 'Pop art' artist created works such as 'Drowning girl' and 'Whaam!'?Art
What was the name of the airforce set up in Germany in 1935?War
Which European capital city was originally known as Laibach and was in Habsburg hands untill 1797?City
In which offensive of WWI, did Britain use gas for the first time in 1915?War
A mixture of opiates, what anaesthetic did Paracelsus discover, naming it after the Latin 'to praise'?Science

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