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During World War II the Winter War (1939-40) was fought between the Soviet Union and which country?War
Which King of Prussia (1740-86) proved himself a military mastermind during the Seven Years War winning remarkable victories against superior numbers?People
Which American state was ceded by Spain 1819 after US victories under the Generalship of Andrew Jackson (later President Jackson)?Places
Which famous American Scientist was known for his wise old sayings as well as for the quotation 'When I get up in the morning I get the newspaper and look at the obituraries, if myScience
What was the Dutch speaking portion of Belgium called?Places
Which ideology was named after a Roman symbol of oppression and was developed by Benito Mussolini?Politics
Which Pacific island was discovered by the European explorer Abel Tasman?Places
Which battle saw Catherine of Aragon's English troops defeat the forces of James IV which led to his death on the battlefield in 1513?War
Which order of the Catholic Church was founded in 1209 by a Saint, for which the order is named?Religion
Which Tribe conquered most of Gaul in the 6th Century after the Fall of the Roman Empire?People
What rank was Friedrich Paulus, Commander of the Third Reich's Sixth Army, when he surrended to the Soviet Union's forces at Stalingrad in World War Two?War
In which Italian City was the erstwhile leader Girolamo Savonarola burned at the stake in 1498?Places
Which American Government agency was founded in 1908?Politics
Which element was discovered in 1810 by André-Marie Ampère?Science
Which Act of 1850 was a concession of the Democratic Party to Southern Slave States to prevent the threat of Civil War?Politics
What island off Tasmania were the Tasmanian aborigines resettled to (in 1830) by the British Empire?Places
What first name links a famous Crimean nurse, the Wife of President Harding and an American protestor who set herself on fire, in protest of the Vietnam War?People
What disaster hit North Korea in 1994?Politics
What islands in Northumberland did Grace Darling and her father row out to save 9 shipwrecked sailors?Places
What mountain is sacred to the Japanese and has a haunted forest called Aokigahara?Religion

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