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What is the name of the hero and the poem that features the Grendel?Arts
Who was Chief of the NKVD under Stalin and was executed in 1953, after Stalin's death?Person
The invasion of which country led to Britain's involvement in World War one?Country
Which treaty did the Germans enforce on the Russians, upon their surrender in 1917? War
Which President, often credited as the worst President of the USA, was in office between 1857-1861?Person
Which Empire, known for its Hanging Gardens, was founded in 1890BC approx in modern day Iraq?Empire
Which Pacific Sultanate was freed from British rule in 1984?Country
Who is the current leader of the UN (2007-)?Person
Which empire was effectively dissolved with the Fall of Constantinople in 1452?Empire
Which Battle fought in 1690 effectively ended James II (of England) control of the throne?War
What was the first name of Clyde Barrow's partner?Person
Which country was known as East Pakistan before its separation in 1971?Country
Fought in the Winter of 1944, which World War II battle nearly saw the Germans break through allied lines?War
Which leader triumphed in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn, claiming the Scottish crown?Person
Which Russian dancer defected to the West in 1974?Arts
Queen Anne's over fondness of which beverage led to her having some unfortunate punny nicknames? Person
Which ancient order of the Catholic Church was founded ca 529AD? Religion
Which King of Munster died in 1014 after overthrowing the rule of the Ui Neill in Ireland?Person
Which area of India was conquered by the Mughals in 1576?Region
Which American War of Independance Battle, fought in 1775, was named after a key feature in the battlefield?War

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