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Clue4 Letter Word
* The Reporter *
Memorize by Repetition
* The Granger-Weasley daughter *
Ross lookalike
They Keep you warm
They make you feel safe
* The Granger- Weasley Son *
* What Hagrid is *
A small sled
Crescent shaped
* The weird friend *
A popular girl name
Earth is made of 29.2% of -
* Harry's is 11 inches, holly with phoenix feather *
Moving air
Needed by birds to fly
* This was a Hallow and a Horcrux *
skating or ice or boxing -
Clue4 Letter Word
A position in hierarchy
pull sudden and hard
yin and -
* Hagrid's Dog *
Ardent followers
Fish need these to swim
* The Goblet of -*
A thin rod of metal
Lean and tough
shrewd, cunning
* Mrs. James Potter *
accent, inflection
A number of items
Tightly closed hand
An event
Great achievement
* Lightning shaped *

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