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Can you name the intermediate German verbs in Perfekt?

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 to met; to hit (the target)
 to shove, push
 to bend
 to catch
 to sound
 to be silent
 to grow
 to wash
 to begin
 to do
 to send
 to transmit
 to bite
 to go
 to read
 to tear
 to disappear
 to turn
 to turn (inside out)
 to shoot
 to sink
 to fly
 to let, leave
 to step, tread; to kick
 to sleep
 to be called; to bid (do)
 to ask (for), request
 to think
 to travel; to drive
 to call
 to become
 to close
 to offer
 to bind, tie
 to win
 to happen
 to hang (intransitive)
 to hold; to stop
 to drink
 to throw
 to pull, draw
 to speak, talk
 to jump
 to be
 to stay, remain
 to break
 to burn
 to bring
 to have
 to grip, grab, seize
 to dig
 to run, walk
 to (tell a) lie
 to suffer
 to lend
 to steal
 to climb, rise
 to die
 to cut
 to write
 to shout, scream
 to eat
 to fall
 to find
 to flee
 to flow
 to eat (of animals)
 to freeze, be cold
 to give
 to succeed
 to enjoy
 to pour
 to help
 to come
 to load
 to lie, be situated
 to smell
 to run
 to whistle
 to ride (on an animal)
 to name, call
 to take
 to force
 to stand
 to know
 to carry; to wear
 to lose
 to forget
 to strike, hit, beat
 to swim
 to see
 to sing
 to drive (cattle); to pursue (an activity)
 to know, be acquainted with
 to sit
 to recommend

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